Nektar Integration update for Reason 9.5 and 10 with VST-instrument access & control

New features for all Panorama and Impact users: Our last Reason DAW Integration update brought you maps for virtually all Rack Extensions (details here), now we are adding VST-instrument control support!


Video: Take control of your VST-instruments in Reason!

In this video we show you the new DAW Integration features in action with Panorama and how you can control VST-instruments in Reason from your Nektar hardware controller. Now you have access to Reason Devices, Rack Extensions and VST instruments, ensuring a smooth workflow with fast tactile control.

New Maps for +100 VST instruments included

We have pre-mapped over 100 popular  VST-instruments from Arturia, Rob Papen, Korg, Kontakt, U-He and many more. The instant you open a pre-mapped Plug-In in Reason, the most important parameters such as filter cutoff, resonance and envelopes can be accessed immediately. Following a predefined layout, controls are mapped to the same parameters across VST–instruments and Rack Extensions, making it easy to control devices when changing tracks. Here's a list of the currently pre-mapped VST-instruments.


Access to any automatable parameter with GRAB

GRAB is a temporary override for any control, with instant access to parameters on the active instrument.  No need for complicated MIDI assignments and programming. Simply hold 'shift' on your Panorama or LX+, move the parameter you want to automate in theVST's graphical user interface, move the hardware control – done. So in a matter of seconds you can change a standard map completely. And the best: If you switch to a track with a different VST or Rack Extension and come back, the assignment is still active until you shut down Reason. Upon reload, all assignments default back to the original map settings.


Reason 10 Ready: New devices supported!

Grain, Europa, Layers, Klang, Pangea and Humana are already supported and pre-mapped. The Nektar integration update works with version 9.5 and and the brand-new version 10.


The update is available for free to registered owners of Panorama and Impact immediately.

Head over to your account on the Nektar site and download it now!