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ARTIST STORY: Lars Deutsch

From German metalhead to internationally acclaimed film composer and music producer.


Nektar user Lars Deutsch started as metal guitarist in Germany, discovered his love for songwriting and moved to London where he completed his education with a master’s degree in classical composition. You might not know his name – but might have heard his work: “I have been living in LA for seven years and have scored over 200 films and commercials up to now", says Lars. "I mainly work in this area, but I also develop my own music projects – being a composer can be a bit lonely and I enjoy playing live,” says Lars. “So I work with singers, like Paloma Rush. I really enjoy co-writing and developing artists.”




In his usual line of work he creates scores and audio logos for films and commercials. Lars has already worked for global players such as Adidas, Volkswagen, Generali Insurances or Mercedes Formula 1. The score for a series of documentaries won him two Emmy Awards. “Writing music for films is very different from writing a song: A score is a part of the movie director’s vision – your job is to support the visuals and the story with music” he adds. “When you write your own songs, it’s all in your own hands. I enjoy that a lot.”


So, what’s the latest on the Paloma Rush project? “We have released our first single and video “Drive” last year. The second single “Roller Skates” was just released in May 2017. After release and promo, we’ll play more shows. The new single was mixed by Irko (Timbaland, JLo, PDiddy,…) and mastered by Gene Grimaldi (Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Nicki Minaj,…). “Irko just has this amazing radio and hip hop touch and Greg gave the track the final polish. We are very happy.”




“My setup is pretty much all in the box. When I need more, I move to a larger studio. My DAW of choice is Logic ProX 10.3, just love all the new M/S features by the way, really cool. As audio interface I have an Antelope Audio Zen Tour, really high quality AD/DA and very mobile. And the Panorama P6 of course. I like to move around. My monitors are MunroSonic EGG 150s.” There are no hardware synths, all in the box. “Apart from Logic, I try to use different tools and sounds for every song.  My only go-to PlugIn for every track is the Altiverb reverb. For the new “Roller Skates” single, I used Omnisphere and the Tone2 Saurus synth PlugIns. I also needed these really fat 808 subkicks to make the track work in a club. The Bass Drum in that song is a composite of 5 different synths and samples – three of them are constantly pitched throughout the song to match the harmonies. None of the tuned sub libraries / samples worked until I found this obscure sample bank from a guy called Liam Bradbury – for $1.50. I used his samples to create my own EXS instrument. That’s what I call BOOM for the buck, literally!”




“With Paloma I usually prepare a first playback idea and then we develop melody, story and lyrics together – but this varies from singer to singer. I am not the biggest fan of full on top-line writing. On any project, I constantly adjust the music to story and vocal ideas. We polish, test live, do a demo and after more testing, the final recording – I like working in my project studio. It is a much less intimidating atmosphere, especially for singers. We have recorded everything here, only moving to a different studio for drums, mixing and mastering.”




"I was looking for a controller that is a good compromise between keyboard and live controller features. I also wanted pads that allow me to play rhythms with proper feel – makes a big difference to me. The Panorama is great with Logic Pro.  I always position the controller next to the artists and show them the transport controls, so they can stop / start / loop the session and be more involved during vocal sessions.”


In closing: What are you doing next? “A TV documentary, a feature documentary, a couple of commercials, a computer game – and also hopefully bigger shows and bigger songs. More artists and good music. I want to be proud of my music, each song I am involved in. I don’t want to be a musician’s-musician, but everything needs to have a little twist to make it interesting.”


So all that’s left for us now, is to wish you guys lots of success on your continued journey. Rock On, dude – as your old metal-heads use to say!







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