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Rack Extensions work like regular Reason devices and thankfully have the same remote controllable functionality. There is still work involved in mapping the workflow to Panorama and we are committed to doing this, to the extent possible. We do not have an inside track to new Rack Extensions so our work starts when they are published. Please therefore allow for a hopefully short development period from an RE's launch to Panorama support. There may at times be issues related to how a Rack Extension work than in turn prevents us from completing the work. 

Below you'll find the list of Rack Extensions that are already included in the latest Panorama installer:


Polar - Propellerheads
Pulsar - Propellerheads
Radical Piano - Propellerheads
Saturation Knob - Softube
TSAR-1R - Softube
DC-2 Dual Chorus - Synapse Audio
AF-4 Analog Filter - Synapse Audio
RM-1 Ring Modulator - Synapse Audio
Rough Rider - Audio Damage
ABL2 - AudioRealism
Etch Red - FXpansion
Buffre Beat Repeater - PEFF
Bitspeek - Sonic Charge
SB Slice Arranger - Sugar Bytes
Ozone Maximizer - iZoptope, Inc.
FET Compressor - Softube
Trident A-Range EQ - Softube
TSAR-1 Reverb - Softube
Polysix - Korg, Inc.
VE-3 Vintage Equalizer - Synapse Audio
Re-Tron - GForce Software
Resampler - Blamsoft, Inc.
AP-12 Phaser - Synapse Audio
Loudness Meter - Flower Audio
DR-1 Deep Reverb - Synapse Audio
Uhbik-A - U-He
Echobode - Sonic Charge
Renoun - Unfiltered Audio
ReStereo - Numerical Sound
Shelob - Jiggery Pokery
Env Shaper - FXpansion
Uhbik-Q - U-He
VoltCB1 - Zvork
Uhbik-F - U-He
Yoko - Unfiltered Audio
Glitch - Ochen K.
PredatorRE - Rob Papen
Probability Drum Trigger - Ochen K.
Uhbik-S - U-He
DCAM BusComp - FXpansion
Revolt - Black and Orange
CVSuite Line Processor - Quadelectra
CVSuite Line Mixer - Quadelectra
Uhbik-D - U-he
ReQ131 - LAB ONE Recording
CVTuner - Ochen K.
Antidote - Synapse Audio
RE-2A - Cakewalk
Radical Keys - Propellerhead
Mordred - Jiggery Pokery
Viking - Blamsoft, Inc.
Morfin XF Crossfader - GroovyMelon
DCAM ChanComp - FXpansion Audio UK Ltd.
RP Distort - Rob Papen
G8 Gate - Unfiltered Audio
PX7 - Propellerhead (Updated)
Anansi - Jiggery Pokery
Itsy - Jiggery Pokery
Divisor - The Chronologist
Stereo Splitter - Quadelectra
Uhbik-G - U-He
Uhbik-P - U-He
4Dyne - Flower Audio
SubBoomBass - Rob Papen
Dragon Gate - Vibe Plant
Audio To CV - LaboratorialT.RU
Kitchen Sync - Josh Levy
Softube - Valley People Dyna-mite
Ochen K. - A-1 Series 1 Modular Synth
Ochen K. - A-1 Series 2 Modular Synth
The Chronologist - Truth
Rotor - Propellerhead
Silent Way Voice Controller - Expert Sleepers
Charlotte - Jiggery Pokery
RPVerb - Rob Papen
Boom 808 Percussion Synth - Josh Levy
MonoPoly - Korg
Selig Leveler - Selig Audio
Neutron Particle Emitter - LoveOne Consulting
Uhbik-T - U-He
Repeat - Ochen K.
Runciter - U-He
wbl5515MJ - Omino
Noxious - Zvork
Directre - Peff
VoltSH1 - Zvork
Audiomatic - Propellerheads
AudioRealism - ReDominator
DLD Technology - Snakebite
Ochen K. - EDS06s Drum Synth
Wiz-Audio - AdditiveOscillator
Quadelectra - Mercury 4 Voice Polyphonic Arpeggiator
Hamu Data - MidiTapper
Kuassa - Amplifikation Vermillion
Kuassa - Aplifikation Creme
Softube - Spring Reverb
Softube - Tube Delay
Wiz-Audio - TableOscillator
Peff - Alias8
Propellerhead - Synchronous
McDSP - Moo Tube
McDSP - C670
McDSP - E670 EQ
LabratorialT.RU - D-Filter
Sound Mod - SM Tritone
Selig - DeEsser
Propellerhead - A-List Acoustic Guitarist